Access Control


GSM Access Control Systems

The C-Gate System is an advanced secured system that is based on the cellular network,

The C-Gate system works with Caller ID and when an authorize number calls, the system will recognize the caller and open the gate with no call charge.

The C-Gate includes integrated notification capabilities that can be used to send SMS alerts when certain events take place.

For example it can be programmed to send an SMS alert to a phone number. Also user logs canbe loaded into a computer.

In Car Transponers

Auto Entry systems use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification technology. Radio frequency (RF) technology is commonly used to transmit and receive information without wires. A wide variety of electronic devices such as television, radio, and wireless telephone use radio frequency technology to transmit or receive information.

RFID solutions use modern wireless technologies to help your business track inventory and equipment. An RFID system is composed of an RFID reader, a standard Windows based PC, and RFID tags or transponders. The RFID tag is attached or placed inside of the equipment or inventory. RFID tags contain micro electronic circuits that store product information. The tags transmit this information to a remote RFID reader.

Licence Plate Recognition

ionIntegrated system for vehicle plate detection Direct connection to the main access control system by TCP/IP Ethernet, System configurable by internet without being "on site" Higher affordability and functionality than traditional systems for plates detection

Application available also with vehicle in movement

Proximity Readers

Polycarbonate for fire proof with separate relay.

Waterproof proximity reader with read distance of 150mm.

Tamper switch with dual colour LED and sounder.

Membership Access & Control

Most clubs are made up of many members, and each member is assigned a particular "status" that designates the type of membership the person holds. Memberships with a predefined set of statuses, but also allows you to add to them, or delete them all and define your own.

Finger Print Access Control

Specially made for time & attendance. It is used to ensure all clock in or clock out are made personally, As fingerprints is required.

No card or ID necessary for fingerprint matchingBack light and stainless steel construction

Pedestrian Access Control

Electronic Key Lock The popularity of electronic key cards has increased dramatically in the past few years, largely due to its growing usage in business parks and hotels across the county. An electronic key lock is simply a device that uses electronics to validate those who are accessing it. Most of these locks use electronic key cards that work very similar to ATM cards. Each card has a magnetic strip that is coded to unlock the corresponding lock. When the card slides through the lock, the card's magnetic code is read. If the card holds the correct code, the card is confirmed and the lock is released.