Electric Gates

Electric Swing and Sliding Gates


With over 25 years of experiance in the install and maintenance of all brands of electronic gates, we at Auto Entry Systems provide you with a professional one stop call for all your gate automation, repair and maintenance needs.

Our professional engineers can provide you with the best expert advice and information to allow you to make an informed decision on the best fit installation for your electric gate needs.

So wheather you are looking for an underground gate system, a sliding gate system or an above ground gate system, our dedicated staff are here to help and discuss with you all your options.

We are provide free quotations and advice to allow you to make the choice that is right for you.

As well as being the agents for DITEC brand of electric gates, we also offer maintenance and repair on all makes of electric gates; Faac, CAME, BFT, DEA, SEA, Nice, just to name a few.


Call us now on 1850 500 500 for a no obligation quote or advice on your new or existing electronic gate system.


Motorizing a gate not only represent an undeniable convenience, but has become an unquestionable requirement for the protection of private property, ensuring a basic level of safety as well as accelerating the entry and exit of vehicles and avoiding obstructions to traffic.

Its many decades of specializing in the production of automation systems enable the automation systems for gates division to reliably satisfy the most up-to-date demands through a wide range of products suitable for all residential , commercial or industrial requirements and a wide range of dedicated accessories.

Auto Entry Systems for SWING GATES

Cubic: Underground automations for swing gates

Valuable gates or those of a special shape require ‘invisible’ automatic systems to avoid altering their aesthetic appearance. The underground range has been designed with such needs in mind and its compact dimensions make it ideal for burial beneath existing paving, especially that of high artistic value.

Underground geared motors designed to move even gates subject to heavy use. The systems is ‘invisibly’ housed beneath the leaf, aligned with the hinge and is able to guarantee the reliable opening of even the largest gates

Arc: External automation for swing gates

Automatic system with articulated arms for the motorization of all types of gates leaves, even those positioned on large pillars.

Arc key release system is easy to access. In case of power failure, the 24 V DC version ensures some emergency automatic operations, taking the necessary power supply from the battery (optional)



LUXO 3B / LUXO 5B : External automations for swing gates

LUXO 3B : Exclusively designed automatic system made of sturdy components capable of ensuring a long working life. Suitable for residential gates leaves

LUXO 5B / BH: Automatic systems suitable for motorizing swing leaves with a high number of consecutive maneuvers. Ant-friction systems and larger cross-sections ensure maximum reliability of operation. The LUXO 5BH is designed for multiple Apartment complexes or intensive use.



Auto Entry Systems for SLIDINGS GATES

Cross : Automations for sliding gates

Sliding gates represent a category of electronic gates, easy to install and reliable motorized systems which is also attractively designed. The cross range is able to satisfy all these requirement.


CROSS 7E - A very reliable sliding gate system for gates up to 600kg. Suitable for most residental electronic sliding gate automations.

CROSS 18VE – A very powerful geared motor, with magnetic end of stroke devices, capable of motorizing gates weighing up to 1400kg and is suitable for large sliding gates and intensive use.

CROSS 30E – Is a very powerful geared motor, with magnetic end of stroke devices, capable of motorizing gates weighing up to 3000kg and is suitable for very large sliding  gates and intensive use.