Automatic Barrier Systems

When it comes to choosing a company to advise and install, Auto Entry Systems are experts with over 25 years of Barrier installation and automated access control managment.

Our expert engineers can advise you on the best and most suitable systems for your barrier installation.

We also maintain and repair all makes and models of barriers including DITEC, FAAC, DEA, CAME, SEA to name a few.


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Automatic Barriers

Private areas, commercial or industrial companies often require access control to their car parking sites to allow entrance to duly authorized people only. Nowadays, although technology offers a variety of control systems, barriers remain the simplest and most convenient solution to control parking access. The range of barriers that we support are from 2.5 Meter to 9 Meters and 24 V and 230 V Auto Entry systems offers a winning product:

Barriers can easily and effectively meet your parking-access requirements. They have a simple and functional design. They are provided in their traditional RAL 2000 orange colour, specifically chosen for safety reasons or in stainless steel, to withstand the harshest weather conditions and saltiness, which is a common problem in coastal areas. Furthermore, boom arms of different length allow Upper traffic barriers to meet any particular requirement.

Casing made of sheet-metal 3 mm thickness, folded and welded with zinc treatment and polyester powder coating preferably RAL2000 (other colour on request), with removable front cover. White aluminium boom of rectangular profile or tube in lengths 2.5 to 9 m with red reflective stripes.

Electromechanical drive which includes single-phase motor 230 VAC , worm gear crank shaft mechanics, limit switches and balancing spring.

Microprocessor control panel with plug-in connector for remote control receiver and loop detector. Control panel incorporates all control and safety functions.

2-4.5 Meter Barrier
5-8 Meter Barrier
9-12 Meter Barrier

Horizontal Barrier Systems

Housing made of 3mm thick steel sheet zinc treated with polyester powder coating preferably RAL3020 (other colour on request) with removable front door Electromechanical drive including single-phase motor 230VAC, worm gear, crank mechanism, axle, adjustable end switches

Sinusoidal shift of motor angular momentum to the arm ensures fluent start and stop of the arm Specially developed control unit enables connection of any control and security components

Either round or profile aluminum arm (max. length 7m), white with red/blue reflective stripes Either left or right version

Certification based Declaration of conformity Stainless steel version available

Manual Barrier Systems

Robust steel body zinc treated with polyester powder coating in different colours. Round aluminum arm diameter 102mm with reflective red/white stripes max. length 9m. Arm holder pivots in sealed bearings. Arm equipped with counter balance for easy handling. Available -self locking in both end position (no tip support necessary).