Automatic, Chain, Manual

Not only do we install systems that are fully tested for reliability and safety, we canalso ensure they are correctly maintained to provide years of trouble free performance.We can design a solution for any situation. Service, Safety and operation assured.

Automatic Bollards

This system was conceived the security of strategic accesses against ramvehicles.

Our high security access control solutions are designed for protection of publicor private streets to vehicular traffic, permitting only authorised vehicleaccess by retracting the bollard or bollards into the ground.

The automatic rising bollard sinks into the ground in less than 4 seconds(adjustable) by means of a remote control device, thus clearing the way fortraffic, and rises back once the vehicle has passed through.

Chain Bollards

This is a unit specially design for holding car spaces. The chain can bemanufactured out of plastic or steel.

The units are 1000mm in height and can have a chain length of 10 meters.

Engery Bollards

This is a pop-up tower for the distribution of electricity and similar servicessuch as telephone lines, compressed air and water. Easily adapted to itsarchitectural surroundings.

The MODEL ENERGY is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation, especially inthose areas occasionally used for events of ally types, such as squares,pedestrian precincts, open markets, exhibitions, concerts and festivals. It'sperfect for multi-purpose centres such as exhibition sites, camping sites andharbours.

Manual Bollards

High Security Bollards-Decorative. The Bollards has multiple operation variations. It can be fixed postverse hydraulically, pneumatically or manually operated. This bollardhas a diameter of 127mm to 325mm and can be utilized with or withoutdecorative aluminium casting in a variety of styles. This bollardsystem is crash rated by the department of State and Department ofDefence.