Industrial and Garage

High speed doors, Operators

Glazed Industrial Door

More comfort for the environmentDITEC Industrial overhead doors are sturdy and fully weather resistant. Theyprovide excellent insulation against heat and sound thanks to the insulatedpanels steel powder coated. They improve security and inside conditions and alsocut energy costs.

More light inside

Elegant windows and practical portholes inanti-break glass or polycarbonate can be fittedfor more highly illuminated interiors.

Sheet Metal With Powder Coating

DITEC Industrial section doors are sturdy andfully weather resistant. They provide excellentinsulation against heat and sound thanks to theinsulated panels steel. They improve securityand inside conditions and also cut energy costs.

Constructed for opening up to 7 meters wideDoor panels are 40mm with high- densityInsulation.

Also we have a range of Roller Shutter doors to suit all sizes.

High Speed Doors and door operators

Outdoor Grade Rubber

Curtain-holding side sliding shoes fixed on special strengthening edges.Max. wind resistance: 60 km/h (see graph).

Flexible curtain in (DIN 4102) self-extinguishing material:

  • PVC: fully transparent, PVC panel with central, red, polyester warning strip (double with PL > 4200 mm);
  • MIX: grey PVC skirting and transparent upper part.

Rubber & P.V.C.


Its rugged metal structure frame in galvanizedsteel or in stainless steel, consists of a specially shaped section which resultsin a high mechanical strength and elasticity.Reclosing mechanisms consist of a torsion spring adjustable system, galvanizedfastening plates; revolving floor drains are mounted on ball bearings.It is available in a wide choice of (DIN 4102)totally transparent and self extinguishing,flexible curtains, or coloured PVC oranti-abrasion rubber; frame fastening ends are strengthened with specialpolyester, double inserts.

Glazed Rubber Industrial Door

High seal and reliability Flash C is a highly professional and reliable doorwhich perfectly fits any industrial or commercial context. This model is providedwith a high resistance, long-lasting, self-extinguishing, flexible and totally transparent PVC curtain, with a vertical,transparency-warning, red strip placed in the middle. It effectively protectsinside rooms from cold, heat, dust, humidity and noise (DIN 52210).

Rubber Parting Units

Easy and functional.

Flap is a solid swing door with flexible wings.Thanks to its absolutely reliable structure ithelps to save energy and make passing through faster. It is available in themanual version: with manual wing opening, or in the servo-assistedversion: with pneumatic and electro pneumaticfunctioning.A wide choice of flexible curtains is available.

Garage Door Operators

By means of a remote control you can drive directly into your garage, which willalready be lit for security reasons and for better visibility when it is dark andwhen the weather conditions are bad.

The state-of-the-art encoder technology system, which controls door movement,speed and slowing down.

Detects the presence of any obstacles and provides maximum operational safety.

Overhead doors enhance the building and meet any requirement The design andvarious solutions presented,with versions in steel and wood, allow perfect More comfort for theenvironment DITEC residential overhead doors are sturdy and fully weatherresistant. They provide excellent insulation against heat and sound.