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Microphones, Speakers

We have realized first and continuously improved a sound diffusion system based on the principle of local amplification with active speakers, which, eliminating the use of the power amplifier, uses a preamplifier low frequency signal and the connection of the speakers, complete with integrated amplification boards, to a DC. low-voltage supply line.

The simplicity and cheapness of the Amplyvox amplified sound diffusion system enables therefore to realize highly professional systems using modular components with elevated flexibility along with non-specialized materials (cables, boxes and junctions) and easily found on the market: all this, besides reducing error risks, has widened the job opportunities of the traditional installer, increasing his satisfaction and that of his customers.

Furthermore, the local amplification has considerable advantages in all background sound diffusion systems, systems for the emergency and evacuation signalling , multi zone PA systems and all systems where it is necessary to guarantee the complete expansion of the installation (supermarkets, schools, warehouses, offices, houses, etc.), even when the final configuration cannot be exactly defined during project phases.

The particular structure of the system actually enables easy and low-cost expansion of the installation without intervening on the central: the speakers' lines can be extended simply by installing small-sized but powerful local power suppliers, thus avoiding in the majority of cases to replace the conductors section even in case of long lines), while the microphones, being connected in parallel and not to specific inputs in the central, are not subject to any limit in number still guaranteeing all the necessary functionalities of priority and selectivity.

Amplified speakers,

Available in the built-in, wall-mounted or suspended ceiling versions, sound projectors, sound columns and exponential horn speakers, all realized with different materials and finishes in order to adapt to every specific use.

Counter Intercom Systems